Your ACV is just one click away

Collectez, Evaluate, compare, et communicate on the environmental aspects of your products and services !!

Control and share information

  • Configure your tool for easy management of your Life cycles analyses
  • Manage your contributors and user roles
  • Work simultaneously on the same products
  • Create your own simulations and scenarios
  • Access your LCA project history in your own LCA library
  • Generate reports in the following formats: CSV, XML, JSON, XLS, PDF, JPG

Display methods are 100% configurable

  • Intuitive design, that respects norms and standards for the web
  • Responsive design, optimised for computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Specific forms to control and order your information
  • Multi-criteria search engine built in
  • Send and receive email or post notifcations
  • Multi-lingual (English, French, Spanish, Italian)

Simple and secure

  • Accesible in Saas mode (Software as a Service)
  • Your information safely housed on secure servers in France
  • Access via HTTPS using SSL certification gives secure access
  • Encryption of passwords and personal information
  • Daily saving of your information and filing
  • Technical support and documentation intergrated

Go even further

Our teams are here to support you and develop any specific additional features to your industry or your needs: this is the tool that fits you – not the other way round !

A few examples of possible extensions:

  • Communication 2.0 (flashcodes, generation of marketing material etc…)
  • Interaction with your own systems: ERP, SAP, BI, SAGE, …
  • Generate maps of your lifecycles analysis
  • Etc.
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