A driver of responsible innovation

Evaluate, compare, et communicate on the environmental aspects of your products & services !!

Manage your own LCA projects !

Thanks to its flexibility, LCABox models simply your lifecyle analyses, no matter their scale or type: Products, services, buildings, sectors, subsidiaries or companies…

  • Data Gathering : Collect easily the information for your projects thanks to its collaborative nature
  • Integration : Associate easily your information in line with the most pertinent indicators
  • Display : Visualise directly the environmental impact of your products and services.

Fully integrate into your decision making processes the external factors that affect you !

The system can be fully configured to meet your needs

Easy management of the system
  • Create your own user access account and define their level of rights
  • Monitor the configuration of your system
  • Simple management of data gathering (site and suppliers)
  • Management of link between datasets
  • Interoperability with your own systems and dataflows, both internal and external

Access to the latest and highest quality databases

With LCABox, get unlimited access to a database of over 5,000 materials & processes: EcoInvent, ELCD the base of Carbon Balance and many other datasets that guarantee the most robust analysis.

If you have no specialist LCA expertise ?

LCABox guides you at each step of your project:

  • A step by step guide : One that takes into account your particular cases and carries out the calculations necessary for your LCA
  • Synthetic display methods : Generation of interactive graphics to aid intepretation
  • Exploitable result : Generation of reports that respond to the demands defined in the most exacting international standards.

If you are an LCA specialist ?

LCABox allows the creation of precise and detailed models in order to robustly control analysis. LCABox uses Pedigree Matrix d’Ecoinvent® 2.0 (Frischknecht et al., 2007) to assess the quality of datasets across different inventories. LCABox meets the requirement of the standard ICLD. This standard contains 203 criteria (99 required) characterising the strength of any given datum.

Include your team members easily

LCABox’s collaborative structure will save you time :

  • Accessibility : Each of your users (suppliers, team members) can input their date directly online.
  • Ergonomy : Each user has access only to the information and functionalities necessary (using the rights management facility)
  • Management : Visualise in real time each user’s contribution

Roll out your LCA effort to entire line of products or services with ease !

Once the first simulation has been done, combine it with other models pre to build your reference database. Then populate your own reference library to compare between pre-built scenarios and your own products and services. Thanks to the Shadow mode, duplicate your analysis and design scenarios to save time and effort.

Generate interactive reports !

View your results at a glance using more than twenty indicators to identify your potential courses of action. Easily generate reports and graphs that meet the requirements of the ISO 14046 standard to ensure quality communication on environmental impact. Note: Environmental statements for your products – ISO 14021 and 14025 – can also be generated. For more information, please contact us.
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